◆Download directly from your phone in 2 ways
- 1/ Go to Google CH Play if you are using Android, to Appstore if you are using iOS. Search the keyword "PosApp vn" to download
- 2/ Scan the following QR CODE:

Android Link
All features

IOS Link
For the owner/manager to track business status

IOS Link
For customer to order
◆ Operate on PC/laptop:
◆ To use all features on PC/laptop: Download Bluestacks

①  Sign up and installation

Sign up shop information, download and install directly from Google CH Play with the keyword "PosApp.vn"

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② Set up menu and table layout

Set up categories, items and price for each item. Set up table layout and number of tables in each area.

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③ Basic sale features

With easy-to-use platform, you will understand some of the basic sale features: Split bill, merge tables, kitchen ticket printing etc

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④  Employee management

Define and setting role for your employees, restrict them from accessing certain tasks.

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⑤  Inventory management

Define and set ingredients in each inventory, define quantity of each ingredient. Control the quantity out, quantity in and define the unit for each ingredient.

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⑥  Kitchen and bartender screen display

Including kitchen printing, send server orders on screen display or by tickets Display item status: on processing or ready to be picked up by server.


⑦  Realtime insights

View report on many criteria: revenue, profit, number of customers per shift etc
Setting the filter to view the report by: day, week, month, quarter

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Multi-store set up

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How can I buy PosApp license?

More details

Set up for remote support TeamViewer

No matter where you are, when you have a problem, contact us via: to request a support through Teamviewer


Common questions

You only need one or more Android devices to operate the business

Furthermore, PosApp can be operated on laptop, PC by using Android simulation software (Bluestack, Nox are recommended). .
PosApp is connected with cash drawer and many kinds of printers 
By setting roles for your employees, restrict them from deleting bills, editing item's price
PosApp is a cloud POS, all data is stored on the cloud so you can back up your data anytime, anywhere even when you have deleted app, data still on the cloud with the maximum security.
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