2000+ STORES

Powerful point-of-sale soft ware designed for café & Drink business

Quick service – Powerful solution for take-away coffee shop

Easy platform, quick bill printing to cut down waiting time for customers. PosApp does not depend on Internet to run, even when there is no Internet connection, our system still runs and keep your business on-going

Table Service Coffee shop

Table service requires server to serve every table, take orders and send back to bartenders. PosApp provides a strong table layout. Split bill, merge table, kitchen ticket printing etc.

Table status management

Different tables with different status will be marked by different colors. For expample: Available, reserved, dirty, cleaned. Giving manager control all the tables at a glance

Real-time insights

Have too many stores? How can you control all venues at the same time? PosApp is a powerful solution for this! PosApp provides real-time reports about the revenue, profit, cost, employee performance at a glance. You can choose to view revenue, profit report and all daily data by store or by all stores.


More coffee? Less ice? How to customize your orders? With PosApp Coffee shop POS, you can add custom modifiers as a note so that you can give exactly what they have ordered! All order information will be sent directly to the Kitchen Display Screen

Theft prevention

How do you know your business status if you are not in the store? There is highly posibility that your staffs could cheat on the revenue by fraudulent invoices, PosApp is a perfect solution for this. By setting employee roles, you can eliminate the stealing problems. Moreover, all bills are sent to the cloud. Make it easy for you to track all deleted bills, edited bills and fraudulent invoices.


Connect With PosApp User Designed For Customers

KPosApp user providing one of the best solution for your customer including: customer loyalty program, self-service order, food delivery solution. Growing customer lifetime value with personalized incentives and a differentiated, highly convenient multi-channel experience, speed up your customer service in rush-hour.

Seamless offline

TWhether the Internet/Wifi is up or down, PosApp continues to work to keep your store operates continuously. All your data will be synchronized to the Cloud when network returns.

All-in-one app

PosApp has all function for your business including internal management, app for user, taking order, table status management, employee management with a reasonable price.

Table/Room Status Management

Table/Room status is marked by specific color. You can easily modify room/table status by choosing a status for each one. Employees can easily where they have to serve and take care their customers on table/room layout.

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