You have several stores in your business and you don’t know how to control all those stores?

   By keeping our sync with the developments and evolutions taking place in the business arena, we immersed in presenting to our patrons a highly effective and incomparable quality consignment of Large Chain Restaurants. Delivered by experienced executives of our crew to fulfill the specific desires of our patrons, these could be acquired from us at market leading rates.

Some of the features:

+ Checking business activities of each store and revenue of your system

multi store management

+ Checking all bills including bills are deleted by your employees in each store

multi store management

How can I sign up a multi-store account?

Please Email us with the content: [MULTI-STORE] – Your current PosApp account (If you are having one) – Number of stores you want to create to our email:

Example: Your account is firerock123 and you want to create 3 more stores in your chain:

multi-store management

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