If the printer you have already installed, you can start from step 8
Step 1: Determine the current IP address of the computer network and gateway address
For example:
Computer IP:
IP gateway:

How to find out your computer’s IP address

Step 2: Determine the IP address of the LAN printer: (Example
+ Turn off the printer (but the plug still connected)
+ Press the Feed button for 3 seconds and turn on the printer
+ Hold down the Feed button for about 3 seconds and then release the Feed button
+A piece of paper will be released with the IP address information

How to find out your printer’s IP address

Step 3: Set the IP address of the computer to the static IP address of the same network layer with the printer IP address in step 1:
For example: the IP printer is, the static IP is set to

Set up IP address in the computer

Step 4: Connect the network cable directly from the LAN port of the computer to the LAN port of the printer

Connect cable from computer to printer

Step 5: Open the browser on the computer enter the IP address of the printer in step 1 (in the example: IP Address: Subnet mask: IP gateway: Select Save and choose reboot.

Step 6: Redo step 2 to check if the printer IP address has changed or not

Check IP address again

Step 7: Restore the computer IP address set in step 3

Set up the internet for the computer

Step 8: Log in to POSapp

From the main screen -> [SETTING] -> [Printer setting] -> [Default printer] -> Set [Print on] -> Connect -> [LAN printer]

printer setting

Select [Insert IP] and insert IP address from step 6 (

IP address printer


Select your type of printer and select [SCAN]

printer setting


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